Who We Are... (click on the name for bio)

President and CEO

Daniel N. Nelson, PhD

- NGO development & sustainability, political party organization and finance, university globalization and resources; Central and Eastern Europe, Central and East Asia.


Senior Partners

Robert Barry, Ambassador

- NGO leadership and resources, democratic governance and political party growth, university ties to the US Government, national/international security; Russia, Central/ Eastern Europe, Central and Southeast Asia.

David Cohen, BA

- non-profit development, management and leadership, public and private funding for universities and NGOs, political party development, US Congress and Executive Branch; Europe, Middle East, South and East Asia.

Heinz Gärtner, PhD

- higher education internationalization, political party organization, policy development and communication strategies re international security and defense policy; European Union and NATO.

Susan Kincade, MPA

- non-governmental organization governance and sustainability, grant writing and financial management, universities’ resource development; Europe, Asia.

Sima Osdoby, MA

- NGO governance and management, non-profit leadership and board development, political campaigns and policy advocacy; Southeastern and Eastern Europe, Middle East.

Alpo Rusi, Ambassador, PhD

- multilateral organizations in Europe and the UN, NGO leadership, advocacy and funding, political party development, foreign and defense policy, universities’ international programs, economic development; Russia, Scandinavia, Central and Southeastern Europe.

William H. Siefken, MA

- Investment in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia, corporate relations with governments and communities, defense industries, NATO, national/international security, universities’ international programs; Europe and Central Asia.


Senior Consultants

Lawrence DeNardis, PhD

- higher education leadership, planning and resource development, political party organization, policy development, NGO and non-profit advocacy, US Congress and the Executive Branch; Western and Eastern Europe

Robert McCreight, PhD

- national and homeland security, regional security, nonproliferation, arms control and counter-terrorism, higher education international curricula and programs, NGO advocacy; US State Department and government agencies.

Andrew Pierre, PhD

- higher education globalization, think-tank and NGO development, advocacy and management, national and international security; NATO, European Union, East Asia.

Richard Schweitzer, JD

- transportation law, transportation trade associations, infrastructure issues, US Congress and Executive Branch.

Blagovest Tashev, PhD

- political party and organizational development, national security and defense policy, security sector reform; Central, Southeastern Europe, Black Sea area.



Nueteki Akuetteh, MA,

Director, Washington, DC activities

Vlatka Landay, BA

Director, International Business Development

Lucy E. Moore, BA

Associate and Project Manager