What Others Say About Us...

“Dan Nelson and his colleagues in Global Concepts & Communications are a superb team – combining unparalleled international experience with superb knowledge of policymaking in the US and abroad.”

Dr. Gregory Treverton (Senior policy analyst at the RAND Corporation, former vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council and member of the National Security Council staff)


“The GCC team combines the best of academic knowledge with insiders’ understanding of the way things work – in government, in business, and public advocacy. They know how to translate an organization’s ideas and identity into resource development and practical action. Whether in North America, Europe, East Asia, the Middle East, or other locales, Dan Nelson and his colleagues have track records of ample experience and exceptional accomplishment.”

Dr. Roger Kanet (Professor and former Dean of International Affairs, University of Miami, Florida)



“Global Concepts & Communications, LLC offers exceptional strengths to educational, non-governmental, business, and political clients around the world.  GCC will enable them to define their mission and aspirations, to seek the money, visibility and networks that their goals require, and to communication with conviction and efficacy in all media.”

Ambassador Morton Abramowitz (Senior Fellow at The Century Foundation. He retired from the State Department in 1991. Ambassador Abramowitz has served as Acting President of the International Crisis Group. Previously, he was Ambassador to Turkey, Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research, US Ambassador to the MBFR negotiations in Vienna, and Ambassador to Thailand)